Lysine for cats

Lysine for cats

Cat flu, sadly, is common. Lysine is a supplement that is sometimes used to treat the symptoms of cat flu and to try to prevent future symptoms, but does it work? Is it safe? Let’s take a look at the facts. What is cat flu? Cat flu is an upper respiratory tract infection that causes […]

Can I Give My Dog Melatonin?

Can I give my dog melatonin?

Many people rely on melatonin to help improve the quality of their sleep, especially if they suffer from insomnia. Dogs can also suffer from sleep disturbances, so you might be wondering whether melatonin can be helpful for them. In this article, we will look at melatonin in more detail as well as its potential uses […]

Denamarin for Dogs – Why Has My Vet Recommended This?

Denamarin for Dogs

Table of Contents If your vet has recommended a product called Denamarin then you may have a few questions. Sometimes there’s so much information and other things to talk about at your pet’s consultation that you might have forgotten to ask questions about the medication. Hopefully, this article will cover most of what you need […]

Probiotics for Dogs: A Vet’s Guide

Probiotics for dogs

Most of us are familiar with probiotics, with many people regularly eating yogurts that are specifically aimed at improving ‘gut health’. Probiotic products for dogs are also becoming more commonly used, particularly in cases of non-specific tummy upsets, with many vets recommending them. But what exactly are probiotics and when could they be helpful? Here […]

Sucralfate Use in Dogs

sucralfate for dogs

If your canine companion has had an upset tummy recently, or if they’re at risk of bleeding from their gut, they might have been prescribed sucralfate by the veterinarian. But what is sucralfate for dogs? What is it used for? And what should you know before giving it to your dog? What is sucralfate? Sucralfate […]

Trazodone uses in dogs – Everything you need to know

Trazodone in dogs

If your dog suffers from anxiety or stress in certain situations, it can be challenging to manage. Some dogs feel anxious around other dogs, while others hate being left alone. Understandably, dogs might find grooming or veterinary appointments stressful too. If you’re trying to cope with an anxious dog and you mention it to your […]

Using Gabapentin for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know

gabapentin for dogs

Table of Contents If your dog has had an appointment with a veterinarian recently and has been prescribed gabapentin, you might have some questions about it. After all, isn’t it a human medication? Or perhaps you’ve read a little bit about gabapentin being used in dogs for chronic pain, and you think your dog could […]

Pepto-Bismol For Dogs


Pepto-Bismol is a staple of home drugs cabinets and can be very effective in treating mild cases of heartburn, indigestion, and diarrhoea in humans. If your dog is suffering from similar symptoms, then you might be tempted to reach for it to help them feel better.  But does Pepto-Bismol work well in dogs? Is it […]

Benadryl Dosage For Cats: Safety and Possible Side-Effects

benadryl for cats

If you suffer from allergies, then it’s likely you’ve taken a Benadryl or two in your time! We know this drug is relatively safe for use in people, but what about pets? Cats can also suffer from allergies so you might be wondering if it’s ok to give your cat some of your Benadryl to ease their symptoms. This article explores this idea in more detail and helps answer some commonly asked questions.