Top 9 Dog Friendly Sacramento Restaurants

Sacramento restaurants

Even though dogs are welcome only in outdoor seating areas in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, you can still have a great time if you choose the venue wisely. Out of some 130 restaurants that allow dogs in Sacramento, we have selected the top 9 where you and Fido are bound to experience true Californian hospitality. Paesanos […]

7 Dog Parks in Brooklyn Featuring an Off-Leash Area

7 dog parks in Brooklyn

Life in New York is hectic both for people and canines but if you live in Brooklyn then you’re in luck, as this is borough is one of the dog-friendliest parts of the city. The sheer number of dog parks is the main reason for this statement, as there are several dozen off-leash parks in […]

Pet Policies in Top 9 Dog Friendly Sacramento Hotels

Dog-friendly Sacramento hotels

When traveling to the Almond Capital of the World it is worth knowing which hotels welcome canine guests. Once you explore all the amenities of the top 9 dog-friendly Sacramento hotels, it will be easier to decide where to stay and more importantly, where to take your dog for a walk. Hilton Sacramento Arden West […]

8 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn

Dog friendly restaurants Brooklyn

It would take you 23 years to eat every restaurant in New York City but Fido’s food options are way more limited. However, Brooklyn is home to at least 160 restaurants that welcome dogs (and their owners), so it’s definitely worth the effort to discover which 8 are a must-see. Canal Bar 270 3rd Ave. […]

Discovering Best Pet Friendly Charlotte Stores

Dog Friendly stores in Charlotte

Since stores are not places where food is prepared or consumed, a lot of businesses in North Carolina, and Charlotte, in particular, welcome pets inside. However, not all stores have the same level of hospitality toward four-legged shoppers, so at first, stick to the following 8 suggestions. Michaels Arts and Crafts Store 4337 Park Rd. […]

What Can You and Fido Do in Dog Friendly Phoenix

Dog friendly Phoenix

Constantly ranking among America’s top 10 most dog-friendly cities, Phoenix is a great place to live in if you bark and walk on four legs. Joking aside, here are the 9 activities in and around Phoenix humans and their canines can enjoy all year round. Hike the Apache Wash Trail 1600 E Sonoran Desert Dr. […]

Discover the Top 8 Dog Friendly Phoenix Hikes

Hiking with a dog in Phoenix

Phoenix is predominantly flat since it sits in a valley but there are plenty of mountains around the city, ideal for hiking. These mountains and hills feature a vast number of hiking trails of varying difficulty levels, depending on the stamina you and your canine brandish. Butler’s Pass Trail Pima Canyon Trailhead Photos by Canva […]

What Can Fido Do in Dog Friendly Sacramento?

Dog-friendly Sacramento

Whether you have lived in Sacramento all your life or you plan to be in town for a couple of days, your four-legged companion will have plenty of leisure-time options. From shopping at Home Depot to several dozen dog parks, there are at least 8 things to do in dog-friendly Sacramento. Shopping at Home Depot […]

Top 10 Dog Friendly Bars in Brooklyn

dog friendly bar brooklyn

The number of NYC’s bars has been growing steadily at a 5% annual rate, so there is no shortage of watering holes in Brooklyn. However, not all bars are dog-friendly and even those that post the “pets welcome” sign in the window aren’t particularly thrilled you brought Fido along. That’s why we’ve selected 10 bars […]