10 Fun Facts About Cats

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Do you have a cat? Out of all of our furry friends, cats seem to be the most mysterious. Their behaviors are full of questionable choices. These lovable creatures have all kinds of quirky traits. Here are some fun facts and habits of cats to help you understand why your feline is the way it is.

1. Cats Sleep—A Lot

2. The Egyptians Had Cats as Pets

3. Walk Like a Cat...Or a Giraffe

If you’ve ever thought the way your cat walked was a little strange, you aren’t alone. Cats have a habit of pacing, walking quietly, and even trotting.

The walking pattern of cats actually isn’t unique to their species. For example, cats often walk very carefully, purposefully putting their back paws exactly where they placed their front one. This is how they’re able to stay so silent when they walk. It also means that your cat has the same gait as a camel or a giraffe!

4. Cats are Obsessive About Hygiene

5. Cats Have Been to Space

6. Catnip Isn’t Everyone’s Favorite

7. Purring May Be Good for Your Cat

8. Cat Lovers Have a Name

9. Cats are Long-Term Companions

10. Kneading

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