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High-quality pet care is on its way

We offer the full range of treatments your pet needs, including wellness exams, sick care, diagnostics, and more.
Simply book your appointment online, and we will come to you!

Services available

Sick Visits
If your pet suddenly feels unwell, our team will perform necessary steps to decode the underlying condition and suggest appropriate remedies. Please note that at-home veterinary services are not suitable for emergency cases.
Wellness Exams
Timely, preventative care is key to protecting your pet’s long-term health. We provide comprehensive nose-to-tail exams in the comfort of your own home to make sure your pet is healthy and well.
We provide routine vaccinations for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that include rabies, parvovirus, feline leukemia, bordetella, and more. Our medical teams will work with you to customize a plan for your pet’s needs that protects them from harmful diseases.
Prevent the heartache of a lost pet with the implantation of a microchip device. The microchip is no larger than the size of a grain of rice and can be placed easily under the skin upon the at-home vet visit. Microchips significantly improve your chances of being reunited with your beloved pet if they were to ever be lost.
Home Lab Tests
Our medical team can perform routine blood and urine testing, medication blood levels, evaluation for internal and external parasites, heartworm testing and other tests meant to identify or rule out certain medical conditions affecting your pet.
Ultrasounds are a quick, painless way to diagnose underlying health conditions that may not show up during a typical nose-to-tail exam, giving pet owners peace of mind – or critical information needed to determine treatment for their pet. Please note that this service is available in select cities only.
Your pet’s skin is the largest organ in the body, and is an important indicator of their overall health condition. In your home, our medical team is able to assess abnormalities, perform diagnostic testing, evaluate for external parasites, and work with you to provide a treatment plan tailored to your pet’s specific conditions.
Litter Exams
Our medical teams are there to help you and your newest family members start off on the right “paw”! We will perform a complete health evaluation of your newest addition which can assist with the early detection of congenital diseases, including heart murmurs and skeletal issues. Our teams will develop a timeline of examinations, testing, immunizations, and prevention to assist you with the health and wellness of a single furry baby or the entire litter.
Nutrition Advice
A proper diet can assist in increasing the lifespan of your cat or dog. Our medical teams will work with you in building a balanced nutrition plan customized to the pet’s lifestyle, health status, physical condition and overall well-being.

* Please note that certain services, including ultrasound and DNA tests, may not be available in all cities. Before booking, we kindly ask that you check their availability by calling 844-722-VETS.

During each visit, our veterinary team will perform a thorough pet exam and take the time to recommend and discuss any additional services your pet might need. The price ranges for some of our most popular services are below so you can have a sense of what to expect at your visit.

Pet Exam
Home Visit Fee
Blood Panels
Nail Trimming
Heartworm Test
Fecal Test
Anal Gland Expression
Ear Swab and Cytology

Pet exam and home visit fees are included in every visit. Prices for other services and diagnostics vary based on the type, age, and health condition of your pet. Prices are subject to change.

Full-service comprehensive pet care

To schedule an on-site appointment please contact us at 888-333-3333.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying provides numerous benefits for your pets. We offer comprehensive spaying services for both dogs and cats. 

Surgery Services

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical facilities, advanced monitoring equipment, and the latest techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for your pet.

Dental Care

We offer comprehensive services dedicated to maintaining and improving the oral well-being of your furry companions.

The future of pet care is knocking on your door

The future of pet care is knocking on your door

The home visit experience means pets are more relaxed and so are the pet parents. It saves a lot of time, reduces unnecessary stress, and allows us to provide comprehensive veterinary care that your pet truly deserves.

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A personalized home visit fee is $199, regardless of the number of pets. Additionally, an exam fee of $99 will be charged for each pet that we examine during the visit. The overall cost of the home visit will depend on the services needed.

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