How Often You Should Bathe Your Dog

yorkshire dog bathing

As dog owners, if you have a dog that needs regular grooming trips, it might be that you’ve never bathed a dog. But if you’ve got a short-haired dog that rarely needs a groomer, you might be wondering how you should bathe your dog to keep their natural oils in the coat. What about dogs with […]

Kidney Failure in Dogs: Signs, Causes, and Treatment

beagle dog sleeping on a sofa

Kidney failure is an irreversible process that affects about 1 in 200 dogs of all ages and is far more common as dogs age. It’s important to get symptoms of kidney disease checked out by your veterinarian as early diagnosis can help your pet survive longer. Severity: Moderate to severe Table of Content Key points […]

 Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Golden Retriever and British shorthair cats are eating cat food

If your dog is at all food-motivated you’ll know the sinking feeling of watching them scarf something they shouldn’t have. Whether your dog got into the fresh bag of dry cat food or whether you found them chewing on a pouch in the park, you need to know whether dogs can eat cat food without […]

Haematoma on Dog’s Ear? Here’s What to Do!

Hematoma in dogs' ear

Aural hematomas are relatively common in dogs. There are a number of different treatments to prevent scarring of the ear, but it’s important to also treat the underlying cause of the hematoma.  Severity: Mild-moderate Table of Contents Key points It is not contagious or transmissible to dogs or other pets There’s always an underlying cause […]

Why is my dog licking his paws?

Why does my dog lick his paws

Paw licking in dogs is common, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. While there are a number of possible causes, diagnosing the underlying cause is the best plan for treatment. Severity: Mild-moderate Table of Contents Key points A range of possible causes Diagnosis may be visual or based on lab work or response […]

Dog Vomiting Blood – Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

Dogs vomiting blood (properly called ‘hematemesis’) is a non-specific sign that can suggest several underlying issues. The amount and appearance of blood can help to determine whether the problem is severe or not, but cases should always be evaluated by a veterinarian. Severity: Mild to moderate to severe Table of Contents Key points Bloody vomit […]

Dog Panic Attack Explained: Symptoms, Treatments and Causes

dog panic

Panic attacks are an extreme display of fear that can be caused by underlying anxiety or phobias. It’s not always possible to find a trigger, but professional help is important to get to the bottom of what’s happening. Severity: Moderate to severe Table of Contents Key points Symptoms include pacing, drooling, escape attempts, shaking, and […]

Dog Peeing Blood – What Should You Do?

dog pee on the carper

Bloody urine (medical term: hematuria) can have a number of causes in dogs, from completely benign to serious.   This is a common complaint, however, and most dogs can get a diagnosis and treatment quickly from their vet without undergoing invasive diagnostics.   Severity: Mild to moderate to severe Table of Contents Key points Several possible […]