Hairless Cat Breeds – Which cats are naked? And how to care for them

hairless cat laying in bed

While still relatively rare, hairless cat breeds, also known as a sphynx cat, have become increasingly popular over the years. Many hairless kittens even have their own social media channels! Some people are drawn to them believing they are hypoallergenic, some by their big personalities, whilst others think they look cute. However, it’s important to […]

6 Facts about Polydactyl Cats

paws of a polydactyl cat

Unsurprisingly, we think all cats are loveable. But if you’ve ever met a polydactyl cat (with extra toes), you’ll probably agree that they really are adorable! Their extra toes often make them look like they are wearing mittens. Have you ever wondered what creates polydactyl cats, or where they came from? Polydactyl cats are actually […]

Why is my Cat Coughing? Reasons and Treatment

black and white cat staring

Did you know that cats cough too? If you’ve ever experienced a cat coughing, you’ll know that it can be distressing to watch, as well as being unpleasant for your cat. While coughing is less common in cats than in some other species, such as dogs, it can be a symptom of a serious underlying […]

Lysine for cats

Lysine for cats

Cat flu, sadly, is common. Lysine is a supplement that is sometimes used to treat the symptoms of cat flu and to try to prevent future symptoms, but does it work? Is it safe? Let’s take a look at the facts. What is cat flu? Cat flu is an upper respiratory tract infection that causes […]

How Cold Is Too Cold for Dogs?

How cold is too cold for a dog?

While many dogs enjoy a good frolic in the snow, unfortunately, it’s not always safe to do so! Many dogs would be happy to go for a walk whatever the weather, but it’s up to us as owners to decide if it’s safe. Most dog owners are aware of the dangers of walking in hot […]

How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

Сat weight

It can be hard to resist that head rub, the constant meow, the face staring longingly at you. As hard as it is to resist giving your cat extra food or treats, it really is in their best interest! More and more cats are becoming overweight or obese, leading to all sorts of health problems, […]

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Husky Siberian dog eating fruit

As tempting as it can be to share our favorite foods with our canine friends, as a whole, it’s best avoided. Dogs have different nutritional needs from us, and many human foods are even poisonous to dogs. A good quality, complete dog food will ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients they require. However, […]

Why is my dog not eating?

Why is my dog not eating?

Naturally, you will be feeling worried if your dog has stopped eating, or is eating less than usual. If your dog is not eating their food but will eat treats, you may even be feeling confused! A decrease in, or total lack of, appetite has a wide range of possible causes, with many being serious […]

Why Is My Dog Shaking?

Why is my dog shaking?

All dogs love a good shake from time to time! But if you’ve noticed your dog shaking or trembling more than usual, or without obvious explanation, you may well be worried. You’ve probably been asking the question “should I be worried if my dog is shaking?”. Let’s take a look at some possible causes of […]