170+ Golden Doodle Names that Are Outright Cute

Golden Doodle names

Often called “the designer dog,” a Golden doodle is unarguably a cute and likable breed. A Groodle, as it is known in Australia, is a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, thus the name. Speaking of names, there is a myriad of Golden doodle names that reflect their innate intelligence and friendliness towards […]

170+ Catchy and Meaningful Mexican Dog Names

Mexican dog names

With some 43 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. This figure is mainly due to a large Mexican population in the country, which means that Mexican dog names should be widely understood. Whether it’s the deeper meaning behind them or just their Latino lilt, here are the […]

Top 9 Dog Friendly Sacramento Restaurants

Sacramento restaurants

Even though dogs are welcome only in outdoor seating areas in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, you can still have a great time if you choose the venue wisely. Out of some 130 restaurants that allow dogs in Sacramento, we have selected the top 9 where you and Fido are bound to experience true Californian hospitality. Paesanos […]

Melodic and Meaningful Japanese Cat Names

white cat with Japanese cat names

In Japan, cats are seen as bearers of good luck, so it’s no wonder there are more pet cats than dogs in the Land of the Rising Sun. Although some of the names Japanese folks give to their cats might seem strange to foreigners, such as Fuwafuwa, they are definitely melodic and with a deeper […]

170 Inspirational and Less-Known French Dog Names

French Bulldog with dog names

Whether you’re in love with French pastry or you’re a fashion buff, giving your dog a French name is always a good choice. As long as you are more imaginative than Novak Djoković, the tennis star who named its dog Pierre, you will be proud of your dog’s nom. French dog names that are outright […]

Delicious and Exotic Brown Dog Names

Brown dog name ideas

The discussion of whether brown is the color of chocolate, hazel, or coffee becomes irrelevant once you get a new puppy. Soon enough, you’ll be thinking of famous people’s dog names and food names as inspiration for the name of the newest (canine) family member. Naming the obvious: Color-related names Even though there is a […]

7 Dog Parks in Brooklyn Featuring an Off-Leash Area

7 dog parks in Brooklyn

Life in New York is hectic both for people and canines but if you live in Brooklyn then you’re in luck, as this is borough is one of the dog-friendliest parts of the city. The sheer number of dog parks is the main reason for this statement, as there are several dozen off-leash parks in […]

The Whole Gamut of 130+ Grey Cat Names

Grey cat names

Grey might seem like a rather dull color but in fact, it has all the possible variations, from silver & pewter to ash, charcoal, & slate. We offer a list of inspirational ideas for choosing the perfect name for your new grey kitten. The weather as inspiration for grey cat names Is your new family […]

Pet Policies in Top 9 Dog Friendly Sacramento Hotels

Dog-friendly Sacramento hotels

When traveling to the Almond Capital of the World it is worth knowing which hotels welcome canine guests. Once you explore all the amenities of the top 9 dog-friendly Sacramento hotels, it will be easier to decide where to stay and more importantly, where to take your dog for a walk. Hilton Sacramento Arden West […]