Cat Throwing Up? Symptoms, Causes and Best Treatments

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Mild to severe depending on the underlying cause. 

Table of Content

Key points

  • A mild tummy upset could be managed at home through a bland diet
  • Keep an eye out for warning signs like blood in the vomit, changes in appetite, and lethargy
  • Your veterinarian may need to perform further tests to get a diagnosis
  • Treatment will depend on the underlying cause of their vomiting

Common in

Symptoms & types

Many cases are sick because of a simple case of gastritis (mild tummy upset).

Understanding the diagnostics

Learning about the causes

Foreign body



Food intolerance

Medication side-effects


Kidney disease



Best treatment options

In mild cases of tummy upset then bland, easy-to-digest food can be helpful. Feed very small amounts at a time, little and often.

Home remedies & their effectiveness

When to see a vet


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Home Visits:
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