Yeast Infections In Dogs: What Are They, And How Can They Be Treated?

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Key points

  • All dogs naturally have a small amount of yeast on their skin and in their ears, but in some cases, this yeast can overgrow and cause problems
  • Most yeast infections are caused by an underlying health condition, such as skin allergies or a hormone condition
  • Your vet will need to run tests to work out when a yeast infection is present, and to determine what underlying health condition has caused it
  • There are several different treatments available, depending on how much of your dog’s body is affected.  

Common in

Symptoms & types

Yeast infections are common in dogs and are usually caused by an underlying issue such as a skin allergy or hormone condition.

Possible Causes

Understanding the diagnostics

You must see a veterinarian if you are worried about your dog, or if the mucus in their stools doesn’t resolve after a day or two.

Diagnosing the infection



Most yeast infections are caused by an underlying illness, such as a skin allergy or a hormone condition.

Diagnosing the underlying cause

Blood tests


Allergy testing

If the underlying illness is not treated, then it is likely that the yeast infection will keep coming back.

Learning About The Causes

Skin allergies


Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease)

Scaling disorders

A weak immune system

Yogurt is not effective at treating yeast infections in dogs. In fact, many dogs are lactose intolerant, so feeding them yogurt may cause an upset stomach.

Best Treatment Options

Ear drops



Oral medication



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