How Cold Is Too Cold for Dogs?

How cold is too cold for a dog?

While many dogs enjoy a good frolic in the snow, unfortunately, it’s not always safe to do so! Many dogs would be happy to go for a walk whatever the weather, but it’s up to us as owners to decide if it’s safe. Most dog owners are aware of the dangers of walking in hot […]

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Bulldog staring

Dogs are naturally social creatures, and they like to know where we are and what we are doing a lot of the time. However, this makes us feel like they are staring at us all the time! Our dogs will pay more attention to us at certain times for different reasons, and it’s important to […]

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge For?

For how long does a cat hold a grudge?

Cats are well known for their mood swings and may not always be as pleased to see you as your dog is. But are cats capable of holding a grudge? Or are they actually a little more forgiving than we give them credit for? In this blog, we’ll explore feline behavior in a little more […]

10 Facts About Orange Cats!

Facts about orange cats

Many people are fans of orange cats, there is something captivating about their personalities as well as their good looks. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about these fabulous felines! 1. Orange cats are not a breed of their own Orange cats are not their own breed. Orange is just a coat color, […]

Looking for a Family Pet? Which Dog Breeds Are Best for Kids?

girl hugging dog

It’s a big decision choosing a canine companion to bring home to share your family life. Dogs bring all kinds of benefits to children, from learning responsibility and care to getting them outside and being active. But not every dog is suitable to live with children, so how do you know which one to choose? […]

Yuck! Why Does My Dog Keep Eating Poop?

dog snuffling

It’s great sharing your life with a furry family member. There are so many benefits, including an excuse to get out and exercise in the fresh air and having someone to celebrate every time you return from work! But what about the not-so-great side of having a dog? Sure, dogs are great fun, loving, and […]

Help! How Do I Cut My Dog’s Nails at Home?

cutting dog nails

Whether you’re a pet parent to a German Shepherd or a Yorkshire Terrier, chances are you’ll have to have their nails trimmed at some point. After all, no one wants to be covered in scratches from their canine companion’s long claws, and no pet parent wants their dog to get an ingrown claw either. So, […]

Are Apples Safe for Dogs?

dog in apples

Being a pet parent isn’t easy. There are a lot of dos and don’ts, especially when it comes to what to feed your dog. Even if you know the basics of a healthy diet for humans, a dog’s diet is completely different. Not only that but some foods that we eat can be harmful or […]

How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog?

feeding dog

It feels like it should be straightforward enough, but actually, so many owners become confused about how much to feed their dog – so you aren’t the only one! There are so many things to consider when planning your dog’s diet so hopefully we can help point you in the right direction, as being under […]