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Get exceptional at-home veterinary service. The Vets sets a new standard of personalized mobile veterinarian care in Newark, TX for cats and dogs.
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At-Home vet services Newark, TX

The Vets is your trusted provider of top-quality vet service in Newark, TX, right in the city’s heart. Our team of experienced and compassionate (Fear Free certified) mobile veterinarians is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of all pets, providing a wide range of services from routine a check-up to home lab tests.

Services available

Sick Visits
If your pet suddenly feels unwell, our team will perform necessary steps to decode the underlying condition and suggest appropriate remedies. Please note that at-home veterinary services are not suitable for emergency cases.
Wellness Exams
Timely, preventative care is key to protecting your pet’s long-term health. We provide comprehensive nose-to-tail exams in the comfort of your own home to make sure your pet is healthy and well.
We provide routine vaccinations for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that include rabies, parvovirus, feline leukemia, bordetella, and more. Our medical teams will work with you to customize a plan for your pet’s needs that protects them from harmful diseases.
Prevent the heartache of a lost pet with the implantation of a microchip device. The microchip is no larger than the size of a grain of rice and can be placed easily under the skin upon the at-home vet visit. Microchips significantly improve your chances of being reunited with your beloved pet if they were to ever be lost.
Home Lab Tests
Our medical team can perform routine blood and urine testing, medication blood levels, evaluation for internal and external parasites, heartworm testing and other tests meant to identify or rule out certain medical conditions affecting your pet.
Ultrasounds are a quick, painless way to diagnose underlying health conditions that may not show up during a typical nose-to-tail exam, giving pet owners peace of mind – or critical information needed to determine treatment for their pet. Please note that this service is available in select cities only.
Your pet’s skin is the largest organ in the body, and is an important indicator of their overall health condition. In your home, our medical team is able to assess abnormalities, perform diagnostic testing, evaluate for external parasites, and work with you to provide a treatment plan tailored to your pet’s specific conditions.
Litter Exams
Our medical teams are there to help you and your newest family members start off on the right “paw”! We will perform a complete health evaluation of your newest addition which can assist with the early detection of congenital diseases, including heart murmurs and skeletal issues. Our teams will develop a timeline of examinations, testing, immunizations, and prevention to assist you with the health and wellness of a single furry baby or the entire litter.
Nutrition Advice
A proper diet can assist in increasing the lifespan of your cat or dog. Our medical teams will work with you in building a balanced nutrition plan customized to the pet’s lifestyle, health status, physical condition and overall well-being.

Pet exam and home visit fees are included in every visit (prices vary by city).  Prices for other services and diagnostics vary based on the type, age, weight and health condition of your pet. Prices are subject to change.

During each visit, our veterinary team will perform a thorough pet exam and take the time to recommend and discuss any additional services your pet might need. The price ranges for some of our most popular services are below so you can have a sense of what to expect at your visit.

Pet Exam
Home Visit Fee
Blood Panels
Nail Trimming
Heartworm Test
Fecal Test
Anal Gland Expression
Ear Swab and Cytology

Pet exam and home visit fees are included in every visit. Prices for other services and diagnostics vary based on the type, age, and health condition of your pet. Prices are subject to change.

Meet our Newark, TX veterinarian team

Our mobile Veterinarians team is a group of dedicated and highly skilled professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch veterinary care to pets in Newark, TX. Our staff is equipped to handle your family pet’s healthcare needs for cats (kitten or senior) or dogs (a new puppy or senior).

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Read some of our 5‑star reviews

TheReveal R.
Read More
Dr. Miller took so much time to try and comfort my very scared pet, meeting them on the floor and bending over backwards in so many ways. Thank you so much for your excellent care!
Annette Lott
Read More
They were so good to Sandy who’s life gently ended surrounded by the family she loved. The doctor explained everything to us and the four kids present. It was solemn. We have since bee gifted with two big dogs who will see The Vets when needed. We are very grateful for their care.
MaryAnn Clark
Read More
They were so friendly and professional!! Very efficient, and super knowledgeable! Highly recommend!!
Melissa C.
Read More
The service that is provided is far above anything. The veterinarian and assistant are absolutely wonderful and kind. As a parent of multiple fur babies, having the veterinarian come into our home made each of them so calm and relaxed. The prices were extremely fair, and their communication was above par. I cannot wait to have them out again.
Kat Machin
Read More
They took exceptional care of my dog. They were very nice and kind. Very sweet to my dog. Very knowledgeable, helpful and prepared. Smooth experience, I like that they were able to come to my house and treat my dog at a comfortable environment for him. I highly recommend and would see them again in the event of any vet need :)
Rebecca F.
Read More
I cannot say enough good things about this service! We have 2 cats and getting them to the vet is stressful starting with the carrier. This service is professional, excellent communicators, prompt, courteous and so sweet to our cats. They made the entire process so easy for us. Highly recommend
Lisa M.
Read More
LOVE The Vets! They are a mobile vet service which means they come to your house. There is zero stress for my dog and myself, and it's super convenient. The vet is thorough and takes her time to talk through the evaluation and available options for treatment. I won't go back to our old vet, The Vets has been an amazing experience for both my dog and myself.
John Lemonds
Read More
We have used The Vets twice, and on both occasions they were very competent and friendly. They maintained a calm and caring professionalism, even when our adopted feral cat screamed and tried to kill them! I couldn't be more happy and impressed. Thank you, The Vets!
Gaby Perez
Read More
I have a senior dog with mobility issues and having a vet come to our house is a great option. Easy scheduling, great communication and care. I highly recommend them.
Annete B.
Read More
Wonderful care for an option when in need. Personal and very friendly. So patient and great with my sick kitty. My Leroy is now all well and back to his trooping self. Thank you so much!
Aleisha Zolman
Read More
How can you not love that the vets come to my house and sit on my floor at my cats level to check him? BB walked right up to them and loved up to them immediately. Dr. Savageau (besides having a cool name) was gentle, informative. She also heard and accommodated what I wanted in a relationship with a vet. When I had a follow up call, she responded with great information and kindness. I highly recommend The Vets.
William M.
Read More
Absolutely painless appointment and house call for a Saturday. Vet was knowledgeable and patient, as was his Vet Tech. I will use them again for sure. $ wise they were no more expensive than going to my regular Vet, who is closed on Saturday's.

Benefits of at-home pet vet care

At-home pet vet care provides several advantages for pet owners and furry companions. Below are the main benefits:

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Convenient pet care

One of the biggest benefits of in-home pet veterinary care is its convenience. No more long drives, no more struggling to get your pet into the car, and no more stressful wait times in a crowded room. With mobile veterinary care, our veterinarians come to you, making the experience as calm as possible for you and your treated pet.

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Your pet's comfort is our veterinarian's top priority

For many pets, going to the vet can be a stressful experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the vet's office can cause anxiety and fear, making it difficult for doctors of veterinary medicine (DVM) to perform a thorough examination. Having a veterinarian come to your home can provide a more relaxed and comfortable environment for your pet, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Expert veterinary care with a personalized touch

When you take your pet to a traditional veterinary clinic, multiple animals and their owners often wait for attention. With in-home veterinary care, your pet is the only one receiving attention from the vet, allowing for a more thorough and individualized examination.

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Peace of mind for pet owners

Spending time with your pet at home can increase the bond you share with them. This can make the veterinary experience more enjoyable and less stressful. this also enables you to ask questions and get advice from your veterinarian in a comfortable, familiar setting.

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Increased accessibility

For pets who have mobility issues, and cannot ride in a car, or live in a surrounding rural area with limited access to traditional veterinary clinics, mobile vet services can provide a convenient and accessible solution for their health needs. With a traveling vet near you, you can receive high-quality pet care without traveling long distances or facing the challenges of navigating public transportation with your pet.

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Booking a mobile vet near you in Newark, TX is straightforward. Click on “Schedule an Appointment”, fill in your details in the booking form & pick a date comfortable for you, and you’re all set.
We offer personalized home visits in Newark, TX. A concierge fee (home visit travel fee) of $199 applies to each home visit, regardless of the number of pets. Additionally, an exam fee of $99 will be charged for each pet that we examine during the visit. The total cost of the at-home visit will change depending on the services required and discussed with you and your Vet.

Yes, we are open on the weekend, except Sunday.

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