When Do Puppies’ Eyes Open?

puppies open their eyes

Puppies are perfect – regardless of the dog breeds! Their tiny toes, little squeaks, and newborn puppy smell are a recipe for love that will last a lifetime. And this is no accident, their mother needs to fall in love with them and take care of them while they’re helpless and fully dependent. But if […]

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me? Vet Explains All The Reasons

cat is staring at me

If you have your own cat flatmate, you might have noticed they give a lot away with their body language. But, have you ever looked across the room to find your cat completely still, and holding direct eye contact without blinking? Or perhaps you’ve noticed them kneading on the sofa next to you while staring […]

My Dog Is Pregnant! What Now?

pregnant dog lying on sun chair

If you’re planning to breed from your dog, it’s essential to do your research. After all, you need to know a lot of information to ensure the safety of the mother and puppies. Of course, your veterinarian will be able to give you advice and help steer you through the process. However, this article will […]

Monkeypox in Dogs – Your Questions Answered

Dog tested for monkeypox

Monkeypox is a viral infection that causes illness in humans, primates, rodents, and rabbits. Although there are no reported cases in cats or dogs, the possibility of transmission cannot be ruled out altogether. Severity: Moderate in humans Table of Contents Key points Monkeypox belongs to the Orthopoxvirus family of viruses, which also includes Smallpox. In […]

Is It Okay to Feed Dog Food to Your Cat?

Can cats eat dogs food?

If your furry family members are dogs as well as cats, wouldn’t it be easier to feed them all the same food? Or perhaps your fussy feline friend is particularly partial to a certain flavor of dog food but turns their nose up at most cat food. Surely then it’s okay to feed dog food […]

Should I Give My Cat Blackberries? Is It Safe?

Can cats have blackberries?

If you’re the proud pet parent of a feline family member, you might watch them eating the same food day in and day out and feel sorry for them. After all, everyone likes a bit of variety, don’t they? So, if you find yourself wondering what you can offer your cat to spice up their […]

Denamarin for Dogs – Why Has My Vet Recommended This?

Denamarin for Dogs

Table of Contents If your vet has recommended a product called Denamarin then you may have a few questions. Sometimes there’s so much information and other things to talk about at your pet’s consultation that you might have forgotten to ask questions about the medication. Hopefully, this article will cover most of what you need […]

The Cost of Spaying Your Cat – Can You Afford Not To?

The cost of spaying your cat - can you afford not to?

Kittens are playful, curious, naughty balls of fluff. Somehow, they get away with ripping our curtains, clawing our carpet, and generally making mischief, but we still think they’re cute! But what about when they grow a little and come into season? A cat in season can be irritating at best but also downright alarming to […]

Sucralfate Use in Dogs

sucralfate for dogs

If your canine companion has had an upset tummy recently, or if they’re at risk of bleeding from their gut, they might have been prescribed sucralfate by the veterinarian. But what is sucralfate for dogs? What is it used for? And what should you know before giving it to your dog? What is sucralfate? Sucralfate […]