Dog Hiccups: What They Mean and When Should You Be Worried

dog hiccups

Though dog hiccups can be cute and even comical at times, for many pet owners they can also be cause for concern. After all, are hiccups normal in dogs? How long should they last? Can they be a sign of something more serious? Thankfully, in most cases, your dog’s hiccups are nothing to worry about […]

3 Proven and Safe Ways To Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

cat pee

We love our cats, but coming home only to be greeted by the distinctive smell of cat pee is enough to drive any pet parent crazy! Understanding how to effectively remove cat urine is not only essential for a clean and comfortable home but also helps to reduce the risk of your cat becoming a […]

Hair Loss in Dogs: Most Common Causes and Solutions

Hair loss in dogs is a common concern for pet parents and may be accompanied by other skin problems such as itching, scratching, or redness. There are many reasons why your pup might be losing their fur, some mild and easily treatable, others linked to more severe medical conditions that require long-term management. Regardless, getting the correct […]

Why Should I Choose An In-home Vet Visit?

at home vet visit

From working around a busy lifestyle to reducing stress for their beloved pets, more and more pet owners are choosing in-home vet visits. Here’s why… Table of Contents Benefits of an in-home vet visit Reduce stress and anxiety There are many reasons why your pet might find a trip to the vet clinic stressful, from […]

Eye Injury in Dogs: All You Need To Know

eye-drop for dog

Traumatic eye injuries in dogs are common and usually result from sticking their nose into something they shouldn’t or playing rough with other dogs or cats. Your dog can be affected by different types of eye injury, however, they all require veterinary attention. Severity: Mild to moderate to severe Table of Contents Key points Always […]