Cataracts in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention, and More

Vet examining dog with cataracts

Cataracts can affect dogs of all ages. Some cataracts are mild and do not require treatment, but others may lead to blindness, pain, and high pressure within the eye (glaucoma) if left untreated. Surgical treatment can be very effective, but is expensive and does come with a risk of complications. Severity: Can affect vision severely, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Cats in Heat!

Cats in Heat

Being in heat is a normal part of a cat’s reproductive cycle, but at times it can feel like they have turned into a completely different creature! The yowling, the spraying, the need for attention – it can all get a bit much sometimes.  But what does it mean when we say that a cat […]

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Bulldog staring

Dogs are naturally social creatures, and they like to know where we are and what we are doing a lot of the time. However, this makes us feel like they are staring at us all the time! Our dogs will pay more attention to us at certain times for different reasons, and it’s important to […]

Should I Be Worried About My Dog’s Eye Discharge?

Dog Eye Discharge

Table of Contents Eye discharge is common in dogs, and often simple to treat. However, some eye problems can be more serious, especially in brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breeds. In these cases, there is a risk that the eye may become damaged and need to be removed.  Severity: Usually mild, occasionally moderate or severe.  Key points […]

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Can cats eat watermelon?

Watermelon is a delicious, healthy treat for humans, especially in the hot summer months. Juices, smoothies, sorbets, or just simple wedges – all delicious and refreshing!  But is this hydrating snack something that we can share with our cats? Or are these seeded delights best kept for human enjoyment?   Can cats eat watermelon? Watermelon […]

Help! My Dog Ate Chocolate What To Do?

dog eat chocolate

Chocolate is one of America’s favorite flavors – whether that’s the candy itself, or in cakes, cookies, shakes, puddings… the list just goes on!  If we’re eating something, our dogs are sure to be interested in it, too – but chocolate may be one snack you don’t want to share with your furry family members. […]

Yeast Infections In Dogs: What Are They, And How Can They Be Treated?

dog blood test

Yeast infection can be very itchy and unpleasant for our dogs, and often smell rather bad, too! Many different things can cause them, and it’s important for your veterinarian to work out why your dog has developed this infection as well as treat it. Thankfully there is a range of effective treatments available, both to […]

What Should I Feed My Dog With An Upset Stomach?

dog upset stomach

Upset stomachs are common in dogs, and can be unpleasant for both us and our pets to deal with. Vomiting and diarrhea can leave our pets feeling tired and unhappy, and we hate to see them feeling unwell.  Dogs with severe upset stomachs should always be seen by a veterinarian, especially if they: Are vomiting many […]

What Can My Cat’s Tail Tell Me About What They Are Thinking?

cat tail

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not antisocial creatures. Instead, they are asocial. This means that they do not need to socialize in the way that humans or dogs do, but they can enjoy it when it happens on their terms. As pet parents, we must respect our cats’ independent natures, and learn to understand […]