Everything You Need To Know About Cats in Heat!

Cats in Heat
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What does it mean when a cat is “in heat”?

How can I tell when my cat is in heat?

Being “in heat” is the common term for the period of time in a cat’s reproductive cycle when they are fertile – that is, when she can become pregnant.

When will my cat come in heat for the first time?

How often do cats come into heat?

Cats will usually behave quite differently when they are in heat, they are noisier, more affectionate, more adventurous, and spray more.

How long will my cat be in heat?

Is it painful for my cat to be in heat?

Older cats are also prone to develop a pyometra after being in heat.

Do male cats come into heat?

When will my cat come into heat after giving birth?

Will my cat ever stop coming into heat naturally?

Cats will continue to come into heat for most of their lives, and can become pregnant at any time whilst they are still having heat.

How do I get my cat out of heat?

How do I stop my cat from coming into heat?

The easiest way to prevent your cat from coming to heat is to have them spayed.

Why is my cat still coming into heat after she has been spayed?


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