12 Fun Facts About Dogs

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Throughout history, dogs have been our best friends, a valued member of the family, loyal companions and even a man’s best co-worker. Dogs have always been one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet, and we’re learning more about our four-legged friends every day. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite fun facts about dogs, from having the ability to predict upcoming weather, being a valued resource for law enforcement to…being able to run for office? (Yes, you read that correctly)

Here are some fun and interesting facts about our furry friends:

1. Dogs have incredible hearing

2. Dogs can be literal lifesavers

3. A city in California elected a dog as mayor

A less conventional career for dogs – how about a job in politics? A Golden Retriever named Max became the very first mayor of Idyllwild, California in 2012. Sadly Max passed away the next year but was succeeded by Max II who has been running the town ever since. He has our vote!

4. Dogs sweat through their paws

A dog’s sweat glands can be found on their paws, and is one of the ways they can cool down, other than panting. Their paws can be sensitive to heat, which means stepping onto hot ground is painful, so keep an eye out for your furry friend when you take them out on a walk on a sunny day.

5. A guide dog once guided his blind owner through the Appalachian Trail

6. Dogs don’t have much taste

7. Respiratory disease

8. Dogs can predict a storm

9. Dogs are dreamers, just like us

10. Dogs yawn to calm themselves down

11. Dogs aren’t actually color-blind

12. The tallest dog in the world

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