Gentle Cat Love Bites: What Do They Mean? Feline Behavior Explained

cat biting hand
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Why does my cat bite me?

Kitten biting

Cat “love bites”

Your kitty can bite you when you are petting around the belly or tail, since cats are very sensitive here.

Cat biting suddenly during petting

Playful cat biting

Aggressive cat biting

Playful biting can turn into aggressive biting in a cat that is overstimulated, or one who has not learned bite inhibition when they were a kitten.

How to stop cat bites

Keep still

Check their body language

Consider avoiding petting if your cat is aggressive

If your kitten is play biting, it’s best to redirect the biting to an appropriate toy and reward with threats for playing with the toy.


Sarah-Jane Molier wanted to be a veterinarian from around the age of ten. After much hard work, and her first degree in animal science, she realized this dream and graduated in 2009. She has been working in small animal clinics ever since.

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