All You Need to Know About Dog and Cat Microchips

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It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare that their beloved, furry friend could get lost, either through running away, escaping from the garden, or even being stolen. So, what can you do as a responsible owner to try to prevent the heartache and turmoil of a lost pet, and help get you reunited as quickly as possible? 


Well, microchipping your pet might be the answer. In some countries, microchipping your dog is a legal requirement, and it is also important if you plan to travel abroad with your pet. However, the main benefit of microchipping your dog or cat, is that as long as your details are kept up to date, you have a much better chance of finding and reclaiming your pet, should they go missing.

What is a microchip?

How is a microchip implanted?

Does a microchip allow tracking? Or invade my privacy in any way?

My dog wears a collar and an ID tag, isn’t that enough?

How do I find out if my pet is already microchipped? Who can scan for a microchip?

How do I find out if a found dog or cat has a microchip?

Where can I get my dog microchipped?

How much does it cost to microchip a dog?

Chip your pet month

So, why is it important to microchip your pet?

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