Dog Sneezing a Lot: When it’s Normal and When to Worry

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It’s normal for dogs to sneeze sometimes, but if the sneeze is continuous, if they’re acting unwell, or if they’re producing mucus or blood from their nose, it could be something to worry about.


mild or severe, depending on the cause.

Table of Content

Key points

  • Sudden, severe, persistent bouts of sneezing will require a visit to the veterinarian
  • Occasional sneezing is normal
  • If you see bloody discharge from the nose, or your dog is acting unwell, see a veterinarian straight away
  • Foreign material, allergies, infections, and tumors can all cause sneezing
  • Your dog may need sedation or an anesthetic to examine up their nose to look for the cause

Common in:

Symptoms and types:

Sometimes, the sneezing causes the foreign material to become dislodged and the sneezing resolves.

Understanding the diagnostics

Learning about the causes

1. Foreign material

2. Infection

3. Allergy or irritation

4. Tumors, growths, or polyps

If your dog suddenly starts sneezing more frequently or has other symptoms, you should arrange an appointment with your veterinarian.

Best treatment options

Home remedies and their effectiveness

When to see a vet


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