10 Proven Ways to Calm Your Dog During 4th of July Fireworks

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It’s that time of year again! As well as being distressing for both pets and their parents, firework phobia can also result in self-harm and longer-term health issues. Not to mention destruction of your property. Let’s explore the proven ways you can calm your dog during fireworks.

Is it normal for dogs to be scared of fireworks?

If your dog suddenly develops a fear of fireworks or only develops the fear later in life, then it is worth taking them for a veterinary check-up. Pain, senility, and changes to hearing can all contribute to a sudden fear of fireworks.

This is a common misconception! While reacting to loud noises is a natural defense mechanism against potential harm, firework phobia is an extreme reaction and is not ‘normal’. Sadly, many dogs are lost during fireworks seasons as they try to run away from the fireworks. While it may seem like a seasonal problem, if left untreated it can actually cause prolonged behavioral issues. 

What are the symptoms of firework phobia in dogs?

1. Preparation

2.Create a safe space

3. Exercise

4. Desensitization

5. Stay at home and stay calm!

6. Prepare the environment

7. Provide distraction / counter conditioning

Don’t react to the fireworks yourself and keep the tone of your voice calm and soft, or you may unintentionally enhance their anxiety.

8. Nutraceuticals

9. Medication

It is important that you never give your dog any drug without speaking with your veterinarian first since this can be very dangerous.

10. Don’t self-medicate!


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