Best Orange Cat Names

orange cat names
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Orange cat names from movies

Probably the easiest way to go is to name your kitty after a famous cat we’ve all seen on the big screen.

Disney-inspired ginger cat names

Orange cat names inspired by pop culture

Aslan, the wise ruler from The Chronicles of Narnia, can be a great role model for your lion-like pet.

Ginger cat name ideas from books

Do you remember what book characters inspired you as a child? Draw inspiration from that.

Orange cat names inspired by their color

Spicy orange cat names

To reflect the fiery personality and looks of your new pet, you can name them Firecracker, Fuego, Sparks, Flame, Ember, Firework, Inferno, Phoenix, or Blaze.

Fruit-inspired ginger cat names

Food and drinks-inspired names

If your orange kitten has a defined tropical vibe, why don’t you name them Papaya or Mango?

Halloween-inspired names for orange cats

Irish names to give to your orange cat

An Irish name could help awaken the ever-joyful Irish spirit in your pet.

Orange cat names inspired by famous red-headed people

Orange cat names ideas from foreign languages

Red, ginger, orange: you can play with your new pet’s color and name them in an exotic foreign language.

Bonus ideas: Original orange cat names

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