Dog pregnancy – Your questions answered

Dog pregnancy
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When can a dog get pregnant?

The days around ovulation are when your dog will be most fertile.

How do I find out whether my dog is pregnant?

How long is a dog pregnant?

The length of a dog's pregnancy is measured from the ovulation date rather than from the mating, so it's not always easy to be sure of the exact dates.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in dogs?

Some dogs will become pickier with food or even vomit, similar to morning sickness in people. However, this doesn't usually last more than a few days.

How do I care for my pregnant dog?

From around day 40 onwards, you should feed them a high-energy diet like nutritionally complete puppy food.

What are the signs of labor?

Once labor has begun, you’ll notice panting, restlessness, and abdominal straining (contractions).

How can I prevent an unwanted dog pregnancy?



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