All you need to know about skin problems in dogs

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Can vary from mild to severe depending on the cause

Table of Content

Key points

  • Parasites, allergies, infections, and underlying health conditions can cause skin problems.
  • Symptoms of skin problems include itchiness, redness, and hair loss, as well as scabs or red spots on the skin.
  • To test your dog’s skin your vet might take a sample of hair, a skin scrape, a blood sample, or a skin biopsy.
  • Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

Common in

Symptoms & types

Fleas and allergic dermatitis are two of the most common skin conditions in dogs.

Understanding the diagnostics

Learning about the causes




Most skin infections will clear up with antibiotics or antifungals. These treatments might be tablets, creams, or shampoos.

Best treatment options

If you’ve seen fleas, or you know that your dog is overdue for parasite treatment, it could be worth trying that first.

Home remedies & their effectiveness

When to see a vet



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Home Visits:
8am – 7pm (Mon – Sun), varies by location

On-call Support:
7am – 00am EST (Mon – Fri),
9am – 9pm EST (Sat – Sun)

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